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Mapna Group’s successful performance in Arak and Montazer Ghaem projects provided Iran Power Development Company with the incentive to assign to Mapna Company, construction of the 30 Gas Turbines Project Contract worth over Euro 1 billion. The contract which was in fact targeted transfer of know-how for the manufacture of power plant equipment on the other hand and improving the quality of engineering design and management on the other, provided the bedrock for Mapna Company to set up and incorporate various companies such as Tuga, etc. within this realm of industry and through launching of a unit under “30 Gas Turbines “ staff this division with qualified and competent manpower required for the job. Pursuant to the communication of the Contract, a number of power plant projects and development contracts were also included to the missions of the Gas Turbines Project of which mention can be made in the following order :
• Development of Kerman Units (addendum to the 30 GTs contract out of Islamic Development Bank’s credits).
• The 6 units Hormogzan power plant project (addendum to the 30 turbine project contract signed with IPDC).
• Development of Shirvan units (2 units contract signed with IPDC).
Since 30 GTs Project proved to be success and relying on the farsighted strategies of senior managers of Mapna Company together with the utilization of world-class patterns led the way for the reorganization of Mapna and revision of the organizational structure and hence, Mapna Group came into existence as a parent company and initiated to incorporate a variety of specialized EPC companies such as launch of Mapna Power Plant Construction and Development Company (Mapn-MD1) in June 2004.