Notification Issued on PAC for the Second Steam Unit of Ferdowsi Combined-Cycle Power Plant

PAC (Provisional Acceptance Certificate) for the second steam unit of Ferdowsi Combined-Cycle Power Plant was issued on July 23, 2023 following the successful trial operation period. A notification on PAC for this unit was also issued by the client to Mapna Power Plant Construction and Development Company (MD-1) on Oct. 22, 2023.

This unit comes on stream thank to the planning and the round-the-clock efforts of the project members in safe and secure conditions before the peak of the network is reached. This has an effective role in the stability of the country’s power grid and striking a balance between supply and demand in the power generation network.

The steam section of Ferdowsi Combined-Cycle Power Plant consists of three 160-MW steam-turbine units, overall generating 480 megawatts, along with six heat recovery boilers with ACC cooling system and a 400 kV substation, which has been transferred to MD-1 on an EPC basis. Ferdowsi Combined-Cycle Power Plant is located on a land of 60 hectares, 25 km from the Mashhad-Qouchan Road.

This power plant included, now the PAC units of MD-1 have reached the total number of 148 units generating 19984 megawatts of power.

In this project, Mapna Tous Power Generation Company and Messinan Engineering Company were involved as the client and the consultant, respectively.