Industrial growth and development in each and every country requires certain infrastructures, the most important of which is power and energy generation. Following Islamic revolution and during an 8 year of construction throughout Iran, governmental managers took Turn-Key projects into consideration which led to advent of contracting companies in this regard. Accordingly, MAPNA Development Company was given birth to.

To implement thermal power plant projects, MAPNA Company was established in 1371. Successful experiences of constructing ARAK & MONTAZERE GHAEM  power plant by MAPNA, along with growing demand of various economic sectors, encouraged Iranian energy ministry to conclude a huge contract with MAPNA called, 30 unit gas turbine, valued relatively 1 billion euro under EPC procedure. In this project which encompassed constructing gas power plants in various provinces including TEHRAN, KERMAN, FARS, KORDESTAN and KHORASAN, MAPNA Company as well as Power Development Organization, pursued common objectives cooperatively. These objectives included transferring technology, designing and constructing required equipment domestically, gaining further engineering capabilities and improving power plant projects management knowledge.

As a major member of MAPNA Group, we operate our business in power plant industry and other industries to complete the value chain for the power section in MAPNA Group and create sustainable value for the stakeholders by implementing EPCF projects and offering comprehensive solutions for power transmission and substation equipment, renewable energy and cooling systems, and water treatment and water transfer projects.

  •  the largest company running EPCF projects for renewable energy and thermal power plants
  •  Offering top comprehensive solutions for cooling and substation systems
  •  a well-established business in industrial and civil engineering projects
  •  a major player in international markets
  • Customer orientation
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Safety
  • Accountability
  • Professional ethics

Board of Directors

Faramarz Ghelichi Chairman
Saeed Rezaei Vice Chairman and Managing Director
Kazemmaroofi (1)
Kazem maroufi Board of directors
Fereydoon Honari Board of directors
abootaleb niazi Board of directors

Organizational Structure



As a member of MAPNA Group, MAPNA Power Plants Construction & Development Co (MAPNA-MD1) is a knowledge-based organization pioneering in engineering and design, supply of equipment, construction, installation, and commissioning, having the financing mechanisms needed to implement power plant and industrial projects, power substations and transmission projects, cooling systems, water treatment and transfer, and renewable energy projects through EPC(F) contracts. MAPNA-MD1 has established its integrated management system based on the international standards ISO9001 :2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO45001:2018, and ISO20000-1:2018. It undertakes to

  • Comply with all legal requirements and applicable rules and regulations;
  • Constantly improve the performance of its integrated management system;
  • Eliminate the hazards and lower the risks involved, provide a safe and healthy work environment to prevent occupational injuries and diseases;
  • Provide a mechanism and facilitate contribution and feedback from employees and stakeholders;
  • Protect the environment through a number of measures including pollution prevention and other relevant measures to observe specific obligations; and
  • Optimize consumption of energy and resources;

To ensure alignment with its strategic orientation, the organization focuses on:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and improved relations with stakeholders;
  • Improved productivity in project management;
  • Enhanced performance in terms of HSE and social responsibilities;
  • Development of new products and services and international markets;
  • Increased readiness and effectiveness of human capital, alignment of the organizational culture and structure with the organizational strategy;
  • Enhanced structure and processes involved in research and technology;
  • Value-creation contributions and capacity building for financing;
  • Development of integrated information systems and management dashboards;
  • Provision of service-based information technology and constant development and improvement of this technology; and

Accessibility and integration of information assets while addressing confidentiality issues and managing security risks

Social Responsibility

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